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Pursuing Failure - Where the [email protected]#$ is my unicorn?

Alex Chaveriat
Alex Chaveriat
Where the [email protected]#$ is my unicorn?
I stood there after four times walking between the house and the roundabout each time to satiate a reason why my daughter couldn’t continue learning to skateboard. Mind you; it was her idea to learn it.
The right shoes, the right pads, the right helmet (b/c apparently one of them is the “wrong” one), sunglasses, and finally, a unicorn was all the reasons. Maybe I am wrong and these are all essential things - though the unicorn is stretching it. I lost my patience after the unicorn. “Stop making excuses. Let’s give it a go.” She pushed off and fell magnificently. We had a conversation about how failure is part of learning, and I assume she didn’t hear a word since she was just excited to try again. 
Fast forward to 15 minutes ago, I was formulating another reason I couldn’t shoot a YouTube video, write a newsletter, or work on other projects. I made the connection to my daughter; I started laughing and said to myself, “Where the [email protected]#$ is my unicorn?” 
Seven MONTHS since my last newsletter and 22 days since my latest YouTube video and an embarrassing number of excuses, I have none left… all that is left to do is pick myself up and try again.
What excuses are stopping you from your next project, and do they involve a unicorn?
Thank you for joining me on this journey as I learn to do better and hack on!
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Alex Chaveriat
Alex Chaveriat @alexchaveriat

Hey-o, I'm Alex, or Silk among the hacking community. I'm a hacker, information security geek, father, coffee snob, YouTuber, Chief Innovation Officer, DEF CON goon, and I pursue failure. Failing often and failing better each time. Every week I write about that pursuit, stories, and what I am learning on the journey. Hope you enjoy and hack on.

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